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It's human nature that by default we are searching for the path with the least resistance. This applies to both written and verbal communication. A large percentage of people automatically shut down and seek the opportunity to change the topic when the conversation goes into territories they are not familiar with. As soon as they hear terminologies that they haven't heard before the least resistance path is to just say 'yeah' and move on to the next topic. They consider it embarrassing to pause the flow of the conversation so that they can get clarity on their understanding. When it comes to reading it is super easy to just skip a paragraph or two.


At Tycoonitos we ensure that a sufficient level of attention is focused on learning new terminologies. The participants are encouraged to seek clarity if they hear something that doesn't make sense to them. We believe that building up this mentality opens the doors to exponential development: once the participants are comfortable with terminologies used in the financial world then they will be more receptive of information from any source.


A sufficient level of confidence is critical to success. When we have a deep understanding of certain topics then we are more confident to engage in conversations with others about the given topic. But how do we maintain our confidence when we are in unfamiliar territories? Many people struggle from lack of confidence, which can make them feel inferior at times and can seriously impact their path to success. When the path to success is associated with negative feelings then it is easier to give up and assume that others have it easy.

The various group activities and individual presentations at Tycoonitos are designed to lift the confidence level of the participants. They learn how to increase their confidence level even in situations where it is more appealing to stay under the radar. They also learn that too much confidence (ego) can also lead to unwelcoming and unnecessary awkward situations.


Majority of the adults claim that they know exactly what money is, where it comes from and how it works. However, once we dig deeper we quickly realise that the reality shows the opposite. They believe that money and finances are zero sum games: I go and buy a loaf of bread for $3 then I lose $3 and the baker gains $3. Or they are adamant that their finances are not at the level where they want it to be as the rich take their money. We could go on and on about this but the bottom line is that the concept of value is often not properly understood. Why is it that the majority of the working population feel entitled to a yearly pay rise and get disappointed when their entitlement is not fulfilled?

The participants at Tycoonitos learn the concept of value. Through this concept their financial creativity is enlightened, which greatly increases their chances of becoming successful.

Investment Vehicles

A common misperception is that you need money to make money. Most people struggle to accept the fact that this is far from being the case. There are many ways to manufacture investments without money and our aim at Tycoonitos is to guide the participants through the thinking process of seeing the opportunities around them. They also learn that their best investment is their own education. The internet created tremendous opportunities to learn new skills and knowledge and shows ways to monetise them.


The most popular investment vehicles, such as properties and stocks, are also covered in such way that it will encourage the participants to think of creative ways to invest from early on.

Banks / Loans

The banking system is pivotal to our economy, however majority of the people do not take the time to study the system. We live in a world where large amounts of money is created each day out of thin air and lent out to people. Retailers are also offering interest free loans and credit cards are thrown at us. When the system makes it easy for us to buy shiny goods and fancy services which make us feel great then it can be difficult to see and accept the fact that there is another side.

At Tycoonitos the participants learn about the difference between good debt and bad debt so that they can use the system to their advantage. Our aim is to ensure participants make effective decisions so they do not fall victims of the easy credit system.


Offer a child $10 and tell them that you will keep $3 to support the family budget. They will not be impressed. But once they grow up and start earning their own money there is a 99% probability that they will simply accept that 3/10 dollars are taken out of their earnings without them ever seeing the full $10. Why is it that only a fraction of the population invests into understanding the taxation law?

The participants at Tycoonitos learn how taxes are used to maintain many of the critical services, but more importantly, they will also gain an insight into the various ways they can lower their taxes within the rules.

"Travelling on the known path is intelligence; travelling on an unknown path is boldness."

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