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Real World


Tycoonitos offers the participants the opportunity to gain knowledge that they can benefit from in the real world.

Have you ever wondered about the different skills and specialised knowledge you picked up over the years that do not contribute to your family's well-being?

Unless you are a fortunate and rare individual who knew exactly how you were going to earn your living from when you were a child, like many, you have most likely studied and accumulated skills that you do not benefit from financially today.

Perhaps when you were a teenager you left school early to become an apprentice with great ambitions or went to university to study something that sounded like a great career path at that time only to find out later that you are really not interested in that field or your expectations have changed. Or perhaps you were in a desperate position to earn money, took the first job that was offered to you and was never able to break out.

The number of high school and university drop-outs continues to increase year after year.

At Tycoonitos we help the participants gain insight into the real world so that they can concentrate their focus and energy on areas that will benefit them in the long run.

"Work for the knowledge not for the money."

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