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Group Activities


The Tycoonitos program helps participants build up and strengthen their confidence level through closely monitored group activities such as brainstorming, idea sharing and presentation skills. 

Have you ever walked out of a store feeling upset about an unnecessary purchase that you were sweet-talked into or exit a job interview knowing that you failed to present yourself in a convincing manner?


Unfortunately, these situations are quite common. It is also disturbing to think about how many people are undervalued, underpaid or doing work that is below the level that they would be capable of doing.

Most successful people share a fairly common personality trait: their persuasive and communication skills are superior to the majority of the people around them. They are able to make quick decisions and keep the big picture in focus.

At Tycoonitos building up the participants' confidence and communication skills is one of our most important objectives. They learn key phrases that they can use in various life situations and practice it in group settings. They also enhance their listening and analytical skills as well as expressing themselves in a persuasive manner.

"Thinkers educate the world.

Dreamers inspire the world.

Helpers improve the world.

Doers change the world."

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