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About Us


Tycoonitos was founded by Peter Szabo, a passionate wealth builder and keen mentor who is always ready to share his knowledge and experience with others.

The core objective of Tycoonitos is to provide hope, guidance and support to our Members through financial and wealth building education and coaching so that our Members can make better choices and enjoy a more fulfilling life.

"The more you learn, the more you earn."

Warren Buffett

About Peter

​In Short




I'm Peter, a family man with an eventful journey.

Due to my lack of financial literacy and having no guidance from my parents and teachers I always had financial constraints throughout my late teens and early adult life. As a result I experienced many setbacks and challenges over the years that only through perseverance, determination and hard work was I able to overcome. For eleven years I worked as a respected marketing data analyst and marketing automation expert. Later I established and ran multiple businesses while I built a property portfolio that enabled me to reach financial independence.


I created Tycoonitos to give others the education and guidance I wish I had growing up. It is my goal to see success manifesting in the lives of every Tycoonitos community members and their loved ones.

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