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Increasing the financial literacy of all ages.

In a nutshell...


Tycoonitos is a financial education service designed to increase your understanding of the complex world of investments using real-life scenarios that you can easily relate to enabling you to unleash your financial creativity.

Whether you are a teenager, a retiree or someone in between, our genuine services will help you achieve your financial goals.

And to be clear...

We don't sell any products, properties or software solutions. What we do offer is knowledge and skills so that you can successfully navigate through this world without being chewed up by sharks and fake gurus.

Live Trading


Interested in learning how to make money in the stock market?

Members of our Community forum have access to real-time trade ideas and discussions that continues to enable many of them to achieve significant returns using stock options.

Key benefits

  • Make money while you learn to trade

  • Get help from others

  • Improve your ability to make good decisions fast

  • Gain critical business skills

  • Understand the world economy

  • Have fun :)



Want to learn how to save your hard earned money or already have savings but need help with investing your money wisely?

Discuss your circumstances and goals with someone who has most likely already experienced the situation that you're in.

Key benefits

  • Tailored one-on-one coaching

  • Maximum privacy and confidentiality

  • Actionable outcomes

  • Strategy discussions

  • Step-by-step execution

  • Have fun :)

So why is this critical?

The insufficient financial education in addition to the enormous expansion of easy credit have been key contributors to the fact that an increasing proportion of the population are dependent on government handouts. Growing number of families become financially distressed and the majority of the working population is working 40-50 years to pay for various loans, such as personal loans, credit card debts, student loan, car loan, home loan. Home ownership in Australia in the past 20 years dropped from 71% to 66% while the prospect of saving up for a 20% home deposit is slipping away for many.

% of annual household income required for a 20% deposit


Our aim at Tycoonitos is to elevate the general level of financial literacy so that our members are equipped to make better financial choices and live a more fulfilling and successful life.

"If you are investing in your education and you are learning, you should do that as early as you possibly can."

Warren Buffett

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What are the key takeaways?


Accelerated growth and development as a result of being more receptive of financial information.



Idea sharing to resolve complex challenges through guided brainstorming.



Gain deeper understanding of what money is and how it relates to value.

Investment Vehicles

Learn to create wealth through various investment vehicles.


Banks / Loans

What are banks, why they exist and how to use the banking system to our benefit.



Learn what taxes are, what they are used for and how to minimise it within the rules.

Read more.

"Looking for ways to get a pay rise yields short-term gains while understanding how to create value leads to success."

Get in touch

If you have any questions, comments, observations or just want to leave feedback, we would love to hear from you.

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